Super round and crystal clear

A super round and clear ball of ice, available in 55 and 60mm in diameter. Something truly special.

Every Nicesphere is special, just like your guest
Try something new

Not a single bar is the same. Every bar carefully selects drinks, garnishes and glassware that fit the wishes of the guests. Why not go one step further for your guests with a Nicesphere? Result, with a sphere made of ice your drink becomes really special, just like your guest.

Super round and crystal clear
For the perfect serve

If you are searching for a unique experience in your cocktail, the Nicesphere is perfect. Complete the experience of your guest with either our small (55mm), or our big (60mm) Nicespheres.

What to expect from our services?

For every guest a wonderful experience

A unique experience in your drink

Every Nicesphere is produced for a unique experience in your drink, with our mission “Make every moment nice” in mind.

Our promise

Our promise: every Nicesphere is super round, and crystal clear.

We will be at your service at any time

Tuesday and Thursday are our main delivery days, but do not worry. We understand that you could run out of ice on other days. Even on those days we will be at your service.

Super round and crystal clear

Make every moment nice!

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