About us

In our history as human beings we, due to the rise of social media, have never been so connected, yet never so far apart. We are so preoccupied with what's going on around us that every now and then we forget to stop -  enjoy the moment. Exactly this moment of standing still, and enjoying the moment, is what we strive for and own our right to exist to.

Our view on bartending
That couple on their first date

Nicecubes would like to contribute to a great experience, and that starts with you, the hospitality professional. As a hospitality professional, your role is not just to make and serve drinks. You are there for the couple on their first date, the businessman after a hard day at work, or that family that went on a vacation together. Bartending is about the experience. Delivering that experience is not always easy. That is why we help to deliver and improve this experience. We do this by developing and supplying aesthetically pleasing and qualitative products.

Make every moment nice!
Our mission

Delivering an experience is not without a goal. The goal is to stop the time of the guest, enjoying the moment to the fullest. That the two have a wonderful date, the businessman forgets his hard working day for a while, or that family has an amazing holiday together. This is exactly what motivates us as an organization to deliver those quality and aesthetics. By producing crystal clear, custom made ice, we can contribute to the experience that the hospitality professional provides. This way we strive for our mission: "Make every moment nice