Super tight and crystal clear

A super tight and clear ice cube, fully customized for your glassware. A true unique experience.

Super tight and crystal clear ice
For the perfect serve

Make your cocktail special with a unique Nicecube. An exclusively created cocktail with one crystal clear Nicecube for a unique experience.

Uttermost precision is our goal
Accurate to the millimeter

As a hospitality professional you choose your drinks, garnishing and glassware carefully for your guests. Yet many forget one of the most important parts of the drinks, the ice. That is why we produce every Nicecube with uttermost precision. Only then, you will have the perfect Nicecube, for your perfect drink.

What to expect from our services?

For every guest a wonderful experience.

A unique experience in your drink

Every Nicecube is produced for a unique experience in your drink, with our mission “Make every moment nice” in mind.

Our promise

Our promise: every Nicecube is super tight, crystal clear and accurate to the millimeter

We will be at your service at any time

Tuesday and Thursday are our main delivery days, but do not worry. We understand that you could run out of ice on other days. Even on those days we will be at your service.

Super tight and crystal clear

Make every moment nice!